Make an UNBRICK Repartition Image

Create a Tool to Unbrick a Nook Tablet (8gb or 16gb)

This article will guide you through the process of creating a “repart.img” file that can be burned to an SDCard to Un-Brick a Nook Tablet (8gb or 16gb). It uses the Ubuntu (Linux) “LIVE” Thumbdrive that allows Windows users to run Linux programs without modifying or changing their Windows setup.

Here is the video of the process:

This article is not necessary as long as the (repart.img) file is available for download 

Here are the links to the file:

Download the file here: from this XDA thread:  or here… (type the numbers in the box and hit the green button) from this XDA thread:

If all the links are down, contact me for a link to the script file to create your own repart.img (what this article would be about).

After you have the file… Visit this article to complete the process:

How to UN-Brick a Nook Tablet (8gb or 16gb)

If you have any questions are comments, we encourage you to leave a comment below…


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25 Responses to Make an UNBRICK Repartition Image

  1. cop batu says:

    Hi Mr Ray
    When I up my Nook color 8Gh to android 4.2.2, I have realized it wasn’t ok. So I have up rom cook, but it can’t be used touch on some area in bottom nearly “n” button.
    Could you regard to help me fix it
    Thank a lot

    • Ray says:

      Be very careful. NONE of the guides on this site support the Nook Color! I do not have a working NC to use so I can’t help you.

    • cop batu says:

      I am very sorry, I mean Nook tablet 8Gh, but I made mistake in type.
      Could you regard to help me

      • Ray says:

        The language difference makes it difficult for me to understand your problem, so I may not be correct in my answer. However, it sounds like you may have a physical problem with the digitizer on your device. You probably can acquire the part but it could be very difficult to replace it and if it fails, you will loose all.

  2. Ray says:

    The full article is here:
    Notice that there are alternative procedures listed at the bottom of that article. If you have further questions, please leave your comments there.

  3. robin says:

    Hello, i have a nook tablet 8gb. I tried using your method to restore the original BN stock on my tablet. I formatted the SD card and inserted it into the tablet and turned on. The do not remove sign comes out, and i do see the green check mark. At that point i remove the SD card, and it resets itself. But it still does not go into the installation. it goes back to the ” n read forever” Please if you can help it would be most helpful.

  4. Chris Alloway says:

    Ugh my Nook’s screen won’t respond to touch as long as I’m running stock. I’m currently running CM10.2 from SD (and have no problems with the screen) but I want to flash it to internal EMMC but I can’t figure out how to flash a recovery internally. I know you don’t recommend CWM, but wouldn’t Goomanager just flash to the SD card instead of the Intel EMMC?

    • Ray says:

      Hi Chris…
      Before you do anything, you must deal with the touch problem. It is probably due to a previous rom that you installed. The only way to fix it is to install that rom again and then find the setting for it and turn it off. I never did that myself so I can not help. However, read the previous comments and you will see that was the problem.
      After you fix that…
      The new versions of CWM work fine. Try one.
      Goo Manager should install fine with internal memory.

  5. Coco says:

    I like to ask if this repair file also fix the rooted nook hd. When I installed cm10, my nook hd worked fine. However when I flush jbgapps zip file which download from goo manager, it got boot loop. Thank you

  6. tommy cerda says:

    I did everything as said to do and all is well till I take out the sd chip then it gose back to bricked screen say cwll customer service any advice

    • Ray says:

      I remember that some other people had that problem. I don’t recall the solution though. You could Google the description and see what comes up. Or, look back on all the old comments and you will likely see the answer.

  7. knaranda says:

    I did every thing to the word and it worked it brought me back to the video of the lady but the scrreen if frozend volume and power buttons work but the screen isn’t responding? help?

    • stePH says:

      I’m having EXACTLY this same issue. I can’t get “skip video” nor “play video” to work, and the only way to power off is to hold the button until it shuts down, as the screen is completely unresponsive to touch.
      Please advise – I thought this unbrick card would let me come back from any botched rootjob.

      • Ray says:

        The procedure is not a fix-all for every issue. Some people have experimented with the multi-touch and tried an app to change the 2 finger touch to 10 fingers (why?). Even some roms include the function. In either case, using a rom that does not include it results in a non-responsive screen. That is likely your problem.
        I suggest that you install the same rom that you had previously. When things start working, use the ROM’s settings to turn off the multi-touch. Then flash the rom of your choice.

  8. lovingchi says:

    Is there a way that i can hack into my nook hd tablet??

  9. robert says:

    i need a new link to get repart.img as the two provided do no work

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