Use DD to Burn an Image File to SDCard

How to use the (Linux) DD command to burn an image file to an SDCard.


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This demonstration process will create a tool to UNBRICK your Nook Tablet. The process is completed using the Ubuntu Live USB Thumbdrive that I have shown you how to create. This allows Windows users to use Linux programs and commands without installing Linux to their computer. I have instructions for building the thumbdrive and for how to use the DD command.

See our instruction on How to create a LIVE Thumbdrive of Ubuntu

Alternate Windows Instructions for How To UN-Brick a Nook

NOTICE: The DD command is potentially very dangerous. That is why it requires Super User (SUDO) or administrator privilege in order to use it. Some old Unix people used to say that the “dd” stands for “Disk Destroyer” since you could, if you are not careful, destroy your computer’s hard disk contents! BEWARE!! 

In Linux OS:

  • Download the file here: from this XDA thread:  or here… (type the numbers in the box and hit the green button) from this XDA thread:
  • Extract the repart.img from the zip you downloaded
  • Micro SDCard. It should be a Sandisk, 1GB (or larger), Class 4 or Class 6 (other brands or class may work but Sandisk is more reliable as a boot device). The size does not matter but you cannot use the card for any other purpose unless it is re-formatted.
  • USB to MicroSD Adapter. To attach the SDCard to your computer.
  • USE GParted to determine the deviceID of the SDCard
  1. CD (Change Directory) to the location of the repart.img
  2. Issue command: “sudo dd if=repart.img of=/dev/sdc” (without the quotes)

In the SUDO DD command, the name of the image file and the “sdc” part of the command will differ according to your use & situation. However, it is generally very easy, using tools such as GParted.

  •  Remove the SDCard and label it

If you creatd the REPART file, be sure to LABEL the card with a WARNING! This card is DANGEROUS if misused!! An appropriate label might be: “Restore to STOCK!” It should be something significant so that no one will ACCIDENTALLY  insert the card in a Nook and wipe out their configuration.


I have nstructions (How To UN-Brick a Nook) on how to use this Bootable MicroSD Card to clear a “Bricked” Nook Tablet (either 8GB or 16GB). The procedure will take less than 5 minutes.

The result of this procedure is to return your Nook to an entirely STOCK configuration. It will NOT be “rooted” or customized in any way. There should be no trace of any prior apps, ROMs, or other customization. According to which version of the repart.img you used, the userdata partition may be enlarged (or not) but this can be done at the B&N store as well – therefore, the Nook is still “stock.”

As always, your feedback is important. Please leave a comment and tell us what is good and/or bad about this guide & how it can be improved.

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6 Responses to Use DD to Burn an Image File to SDCard

  1. Michael Styles says:

    This is most likely a stupid question, but can I use the dd command to write the cm7 img to the bootable SDCard with ClockWorkMod recovery options or do I need a blank microsd.And how does one become a member on this site.I really love all the effort you put into your info, has been very helpful so far.By the way I am a fairly new ubuntu user.Thank you so much for any and all help.

    • Ray says:

      I am not aware of any process that would allow you to create a bootable SDCard with a custom rom and a recovery image. Best advice is to forget about the stock b&n stuff and go for a full root. Then you can have whatever you want. You don’t lose any functions.
      Congratulations on using Ubuntu! I doubt that you will ever look back.
      Thanks for the comment about the site. I spend way too much time and money on it. But it is serving a very large audience and I want to do it right. Each day we serve about 60,000 hits on around 6,000 Page views.
      I removed the registration function because I was getting hit so hard by spammers. There is no loss to my readers since I give you the same privileges if you just leave your name and email address. If you want to register, just send me a private message on the contact Page.
      To really be a member of the site hit the donation button in the right sidebar.

      • Michael says:

        Thank you so much for the help.Went with two microsd cards and got the nook rooted I think, I did it right.In settings it says I have CyanogenMod version 10-20121002-unofficial-acclaim.However and here’s my problem there’s no app for the play store and I can’t figure out how to get it.I did manage to download the Amazom app and thereby get most of what my wife wanted in the way of apps but not all and I can not get the goo manager to install or if it is I can’t find it anywhere(I did download and install from sd card from xda’s site),if you can help that would be great.
        As for donations you can count on it on Friday as I kinda spent my limit this week what with a new Nook and two microsd card.
        Thank you and God bless.

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