Jelly Bean for the Kindle Fire

Video demonstration: installing Jelly Bean for the Kindle Fire!

Updated 02/25/2013

This particular guide is for a ROOTED Kindle Fire (first version – NOT the HD). If you have the KF HD and it is already rooted, it MAY work but since I do not have the HD (I sent it back to Amazon because I did not like it), I cannot say if it will work or not.

How & What You Need:

Jelly Bean for the Kindle Fire: This process is completed online using the Goo Manager app (from the Play Store) and does not require any special software – or even a computer! It is all done on a ROOTED Kindle Fire. If you have not yet rooted your KF, then visit our guide here.

This ROM is so stable that my wife used it every day and – even though she was a total newbie to computers & tablets – she had no issues! The particular (Jelly Bean) ROM is not too significant. You can select any of the compatible ROMS listed in Goo Manager and they will probably work just as well.

Here is a video of it in action:

Install a CUSTOM ROM (Including Jelly Bean)

Jelly Bean AndroidThis is a short course on how to add/flash a custom ROM to your ROOTED Kindle Fire. If you have not yet rooted it, then follow our guide here:

Confused? Click here to read our “Rooting Tips for Noobs” article. 

You can use the Goo Manager app (available on the Play Store) to install TWRP, download the ROM & Gapps zip files, back up the existing system, wipe / restore to factory, & flash the downloaded zips. (To install TWRP with Goo, just select the “Flash ROM” option and it will step you through the process.)

From Goo Manager: 

  1. Browse compatible ROMs
  2. Drill down to a particular ROM (select from any of the lists since they are all “compatible”)
  3. Download the ROM file
  4. Be patient (watch the download in the notifications)
  5. Follow the on screen directions

Alternately, just Download ROM & GApps for JB. Then, boot into TWRP and complete the following process (same for any compatible ROM): Here is the link to the XDA thread for one of the best Jelly Bean ROMs available for the Kindle Fire (first gen):  [JB 4.2.2] CM10.1/SGT7 for the Kindle Fire [20130223]

  1. Backup your existing system
  2. Wipe cache & dalvik 
  3. Suggested: Reset to Factory
  4. Flash the zip for the custom ROM 
  5. Flash the zip with the GApps
  6. Reboot & enjoy!
 Leave a comment and let us know how it worked for you…
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81 Responses to Jelly Bean for the Kindle Fire

  1. Bonnie says:

    HI Ray, I recently resurrected my kindle fire my brickdom by installing a rom and rebooting, but I have android 4.2, and I know before I accidently deleted my rom, it had cyanogen 10.2 on it, so I am trying to find it on goo manager, but all the roms listed are ones I already have. It doesn’t list pimpman eaton as a rom. Where can I find 10.2? What is the highest rom I can do on my kindle, it is an older one, not HD, thanks, Bonnie

    • Ray says:

      Sorry but since I gave my KF to a fried, I have not kept up on the latest ROMs. If my (70 year old) memory serves me correctly, Pimpman Eaton is a DEVELOPER – not a ROM. Look under the list of developers for him.
      Another path is to look on the XDA (KF) forums and just download the ROM directly. It will likely have instructions about any prerequisites and the process for installation.

  2. gabe says:

    i used your kindle fire root video and my kindle is stuck at the kindle fire boot up screen. my kindle is not an hd and the “fire” is in orange not blue.

    • Ray says:

      I no longer have a KF and I don’t recall all the tips. However, if you have an ORANGE “fire” then I think that is an older version of the “fire,fire,fire” boot application. Did you download the files that I recommended?
      In any case, if you watch the video, it shows you that you can hold the power button down when the “menu” shows at the bottom of the screen (during boot). That should get you either a menu or into TWRP.
      If you get into TWRP, then you can manually install (flash) any compatible rom that you have downloaded and copied to the device. (You should be able to use the MOUNT function to mount the USB and thereby connect to your computer to transfer a ROM or GAPPS, etc.)
      If you cannot get into TWRP, then you need to redo the KFU functions and root the device again. Then install the TWRP (recovery) program.
      Let me know what you are able to accomplish.

  3. Julie says:

    hi Ray I was wondering if you could help me… after I rooted my kf I go to goo manager and click browse ROMs and it says that no roms are found… did I miss a step?

    • Ray says:

      I don’t have a KF now to test but you should still be able to go to the Goo site and download files directly and use the recovery program to flash them.

  4. landoroque says:

    Hi Ray,
    Quick question here, have you heard of or have had any problems with WiFi connections after upgrading to Jellybean? I can’t even get the WiFi to stay on. Like I switch it to on and it automatically go back to off. It doesn’t even show any WiFi connections at all. Just wondering if you had any suggestions. I’ve been all over the net trying for a solution, XDA and other forums, but nothing yet.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. William says:

    Ray, I’m running CM10, but cannot seem to read AWZ format, everything else seems ok. Had several books from Amazon that were AWZ, can transfer to documents on kindle but they will not open

    • Ray says:

      I don’t recognize that format. I seem to recall that Amazon uses something like that as an intermediate step in the download process of music.
      Use the Kindle app and select a book to read. Does that work?
      If you are trying to copy a book file from another user their drm will not allow it. You must use the Kindle app to read books from your own account or officially borrow them via Amazon.

  6. Laura says:

    Hi Ray, thanks for a wonderful tutorial. I did this and the Jelly Bean is working great and a huge improvement over the gingerbread. I have one issue I am noticing though: while charging if I open any apps or get any alerts etc… the device stops charging intermittently. Is there a way that I can fix this or will I have to simply give it a full charge while not using it at all?

    • Ray says:

      Charging on both the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet is finicky. Both require you to use the STOCK charger or they start to fail. Neither will charge from a dead battery unless you use the stock charger.
      Some roms for the kf do charge the device a little better than others. But truthfully, you should not have a problem overall – as long as you use the stock charger.

  7. I installed 4.2.2 android Jelly Bean on Kindle without a problem but 5 hrs later the screen turned of and refuses to wake under any conditions…. I mean it was working seamlessly, then 5hrs later, I own what I hope is only a temporary brick…any help appreciated

    • Defrag says:

      I found that even though the I/o button was even dead, that by reconecting it to the computer kfu didn’t recognize so windows tried installation.. showing something was still on inside, which basically after 5mins it just woke up and booted.. back to a sweet upgrade, though for now I am avoiding live wallpaper as I think that’s what got it locjed up.

      • Ray says:

        You have not given me sufficient info to help you. Your problem also sounds like battery/charger issues. See my comment to “Fragments of Thought.”

    • Ray says:

      Are you using a STOCK power adapter and cable? Sounds like it probably has a dead battery. The KF will NOT charge properly except with the stock charger. Others do not provide sufficient current to keep the device charged and it will NEVER charge up from a dead battery without the stock charger.

  8. River says:

    I’m trying to get jelly been on my rooted KF I have rooted my kindle fire and I have goo manager but every time I hit browse compatible tons nothing happpens then it says no compatible Roms located what do I do

    • Ray says:

      Did you install the TWRP recovery?
      If so, you can MANUALLY flash any compatible ROM. Just download the ROM from XDA thread and use TWRP to flash it.

  9. Doug says:

    I managed to get KFU, and the bootloader on my KF and then after thinking I had made a backup proceeded to screw up and delete everything off the ROM and all zip files. I can’t figure out a way to get an OS back on the KF since it no longer shows up in Win Explorer when connected to my PC. How can I get a zip file back on my KF?

  10. After being reluctant, I plucked the courage and installed Jelly Bean on my rooted Kindle Fire (thanks to ray for his guide). It works the treat. There seems to be a problem with charging of the device now. If it proves that charging port is malfunctioning and Amazon agrees to exchange the device, would I be able to return it to the way it was, Amazon stock? If yes, how?
    Thank you

    • Ray says:

      Try a different rom first. But the kf seems to have a problem with power connectors.
      If you do need to return it, just run the KFU again and select the option to restore to stock.

  11. Dan says:

    Quick note to say thankyou very much for posting this! Got my Kindle Fire rooted and used twrp to put the latest version of this build of JB on my fire as well as GApps. Everything is working 100% – absolutely outstanding, has really breathed some fresh air into the ol’ Fire, and it is so much less laggy the the stock software. Thanks again!

  12. Bill says:

    I have a just finished rooting my kindle fire and would like to install Jelly Bean on it. I have some questions though. After rooting the fire I am unable to read my already downloaded books. Is there something else that I need to do? Also, if I install Jelly Bean am I able to keep the kindle fire portion and have dual capability?

    • Ray says:

      You will have to download the books again but not pay again. Use the Kindle app (or Nook app or Google Reader to read books from those publishers.)
      There may be some way to dual boot but I don’t know how.

  13. Steven Wrights says:

    Is there a ROM that will make the kindle to its regular self again, or once you flash another ROM, you cannot go back. Thanks.

    • Steven Wrights says:

      Also I am running on Glazed ISC which I really like, but whenever I try to open the setting for Google Chrome, It says it Unfortunately Closed. Thank You again.

    • Ray says:

      The KFU should enable you to return to stock – if that is really what you want to do. Even if you are selling your device, it will likely be more valuable if it is already rooted and has a Jelly Bean rom installed.

      • Steven Wrights says:

        I just noticed that Glazed ICS is no longer supported, if I were to update it would lose all my data that I’ve got on my kindle now or will it just change the OS? Thanks

        • Ray says:

          It all depends on what the developer has set up. Probably the worst thing that could happen would be that the rom could have a timeout setting and the rom would not work after a set date. Generally, developers who say they are not supporting something either have replaced it or they are just dropping out for some reason. Often, if the developer drops out, users continue to support each other.
          My suggestion: There are several other good Jelly Bean roms. Just grab one of those and install it.

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