Goo Manager App to Flash a Custom ROM

Goo ManagerGoo Manager

The Goo Manager process will NOT work unless you have previously rooted your Android device! We have instructions for rooting many tablets and phones on this site. Check the menu bar above.

This video demonstrates how to use the Goo Manager (android) application to flash install a custom rom. The first step may be to install an appropriate recovery program (usually TWRP).

After installing TWRP, you should be able to set up a batch file to automatically install your choice of ROM and/or the Google Apps. If there is a problem with the automatic function, you can use TWRP in the manual recovery mode.

This process should work for most Android devices. EASY!

See the video after the break….

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8 Responses to Goo Manager App to Flash a Custom ROM

  1. Adam says:

    Can you use this to install and flash roms with the kindle fire gen 2 (os version 10.4.6)?

    • Ray says:

      I doubt it. Generally, you have to ROOT a device before you can flash a custom ROM.
      I don’t have a KF (either version) so I can not say for certain.

  2. jean says:

    hey Ray i followed all the steps on my GS3 and its stuck on screen carbondev with the loading bar. for like 40 mins

    • Ray says:

      Have you previously rooted your device? This process will only work if you have already rooted.
      If you are rooted…
      It sounds like the site was overloaded. Try again later. Also try a different rom. Or, just download it manually. Once you have twrp installed, you can flash any compatible rom manually.

  3. Dennis says:

    Hi Ray I have been following you at youtube since I got my kindle fire 2. I’m using goomanager. My question is why am I getting gooddownload file extension when I downloaded the custom rom file.

    • Ray says:

      Hey, glad you came to the website. It is so much easier to respond here. On YouTube, you cannot include links and, they have a limit to how long a comment can be.
      Your question: I believe that is the TEMPORARY extension. Once the file is completely downloaded, the extension is changed to .zip.

  4. KiraYamato56 says:

    do you know if twrp is capable of flashing 2.6.x kernel based roms like cm7, or is it only for 3.0.x kernel based roms like cm9 and cm10

    • Ray Waldo says:

      For Kindle Fire, it should work fine.
      If you are referring to the Nook Tablet, then I would say that any version of TWRP would work to flash any ***.zip file on an NT16. If you have an NT8, then you should get the latest version (2.2.1 as of now) and use it if you want to flash the 3.0 kernel or ROMs based on it.
      All versions should work for 2.6 kernel stuff. The new TWRP 2.2.1 is available here:…0&postcount=75

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