Touch Issues on Nexus 7

Nexus 7 Touch Issues – Hardware or firmware?

Nexus 7 MultitouchI experienced a problem with my Nexus 7 not recognizing my screen touches. It got so bad that I could not even get it to recognize the required touches to properly turn the device off. I had to hold the power button until it shut down entirely. But, after a reboot, it was fine.

Some users have reported that you can just lock the screen (touch the power button to blank the screen) and then turn it back on and that will restore the touch. I did not discover that “fix” until I had already tried an alternative method (see the end of this post.)

After a few days, the device stopped registering my touches again. That time, I was able to keep hitting the required keys until I managed to get it to shut down properly. Again, after the reboot, all was well. But the problem started happening every few days. Then, it happened every day. I even tried turning the device off when I was finished for the day and let it charge overnight while turned off. Eventually, it would have the problem several times in a single day. That was too much – here is what I did (note that these function require that the device be rooted.)

  1. I  used the Titanium Backup to assure that all my apps and settings were backed up properly. Anything is possible when you start mucking about with the system so you want to be able to get back to where you were, if something crashes your device.
  2. I used ROM Toolbox (Lite) to disable a lot of the apps that were autoloading on bootup. This does not disable the app – only stops it from starting automatically when you boot  and then remaining in the background. It does not hinder the normal operation of the app.
  3. I used ROM Toolbox to reboot into TWRP (recovery) and wiped the Cache & Dalvik. I also “Fixed Permissions.” If you have not already done so, this would be a good time to BACKUP your entire system using TWRP. Backups at the recovery level are often called “Nandroid backups.”
  4. Then, I rebooted the system back into normal operation.

Note: When you clear the Dalvik cache, the next bootup will take longer than normal. Also, you will see a dialog that says “Android is upgrading.” It is actually indexing all your apps and will show you that it has completed “xx of yy”.

Prior to my “fix”, the Nexus 7 had to be rebooted several times each day but I have had the system running for more than a week and I have not seen a single problem.

I will report back if (or when) it begins to not recognize my touches again.

More info can be found on the Google Code site: One user there reported… “this is an hardware issue. I have contacted Google (1-885-836-3987)and they have told me that this will require a Warranty Replacement Return.”

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2 Responses to Touch Issues on Nexus 7

  1. Ray says:

    I have NO problems with either of my N7’s. So I can not advise you about your issue.
    Have you rooted it and installed a different rom? If so, that would be where I would start.

  2. Jon Q says:

    I’m having the opposite problem than most. Many people are reporting the “non-responsive to touch” issue which appear to happen because the screen is lifted. To resolve that issue, it’s recommended to check that the screws holding the screen in place be checked for looseness and tightened, and another fix for this is to add a spacer between the screen and the case.

    My problem is the opposite, in that quite frequently the screen is “activated” as if it is too tight.

    Any suggestions as to how to fix this?

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