iPhone 5 in 5 days

iPhone 5

Review of iPhone 5 by Luke Thomas


         Hi there, I’d like to talk about my latest purchase and present a Review of iPhone 5. I originally had preordered a 16 gigabyte  iPhone 5 from Apple and had planned on having it shipped to my house. I decided to change my order after a few days of consideration and up the ante for a 32 gig. In the process of canceling my order and replacing it I got bumped to the back of the line and was set to receive the phone  an additional two weeks later (Oct. 25) . That’s when things became  more serious….
     The much anticipated September 21 was approaching and I was without a preorder, reservation or wait list. I knew demand was high and had heard that camp outs were going on across the nation. That Friday I went to work and after our first case I struck out to try my luck.  It was around 9:00 AM, so figured by that time AT&T would undoubtedly be sold out so I was going to wait in line at Best Buy. When I got there, there was no line. The only guys there was one who had preordered through Best Buy and another who had come to gloat. He had one already. He had just come from the ATT store claiming they had plenty. He stretched out his hand to expose an undressed black iPhone 5. It was beautiful.  I was relieved to see LTE in the upper right hand and not 4G. After congratulating him I quickly drove across the street.
     There was no line. Within minutes I had my phone and was out the door and back to work.


    Setting up the phone requires a wifi connection. So as soon as I got to work I connected to the network and my phone began to magically repopulate all the apps and settings from my iPhone 4.


  Now for the good stuff.
     Like I said before ATT has LTE but not everywhere and not all the time. I started doing some speed tests on the network. In areas of 4G I was getting around 2 Mbps download speed with variable upload speed with a high of 1.2 Mbps. Which is about what you would get with a free wifi signal at restaurant.  When the LTE was on I was getting around 6Mbps download speed. These speeds are low compared to some reports I have heard. Acquaintances have reported getting upwards of 30 Mbps in Baton Rouge. I anticipate speeds improving as time goes on. I remember when the iPhone 3G came out and it was days later that Hammond was able to get 3G service.
     I won’t get into because they are specific to iPhone 5 and they are still a work in progress as far as I’m concerned.
The forward facing HD camera takes beautiful stills and greatly improves picture quality in video chat. It’s great small group pictures when no camera man is available. That way you can get the shot you want without sacrificing the quality of the picture.
     The added length of the screen feels so much more natural to hold. Videos look fantastic with the added aspect ratio. The screen still boasts Apple Retina display.
     The phone is lighter, taller and faster. While the screen isn’t as large as some other devices, it retains a certain form factor that lends itself to one handed smartphone techniques( using your thumb). Web pages load instantly, it’s crazy fast.


     While it’s not for everyone I would definitely recommend it for those already in the Apple ecosystem or those who are newcomers to the smartphone world. It’s a simple and easy to use phone and operating system (iOS).
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  1. Ray Waldo says:

    Welcome to Luke – our newest writer on “The Bishop”
    Good job, Luke! Makes me ALMOST want an iPhone (grin).

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