Record Breaking Month

September was a RECORD BREAKER!!

September AnalyticsSeptember was a record breaking month for the “Bishop”! We experienced a TREMENDOUS GROWTH in users, pages viewed, comments left, etc.

Have YOU been helped? On average, we had about 800 unique visitors every day. Each of those visitors viewed an average of 2 pages on each visit. At any time of the day or night, the site will have from 10 to 40 users online. That is a GOOD THING! 😉

Those visitors were looking for helpful information about their tablet or other technology. And since they remained to view more than a single page, they probably found it. Around 100 comments were left and almost everyone of those comments were answered directly by me. Hopefully, the answers given were helpful?

This increase in traffic is stretching our server’s resources. I am excited that we are getting more popular but it will soon require us to upgrade our hosting service in order to keep up with the demand. At present, all the expenses for this website are my personal responsibility. I pay for the site hosting and I am the only staff member (unpaid). All of the equipment that I use for testing or reporting, etc. is purchased – by me – at retail (un-supplemented) price. Since we do not (currently) accept any advertisements (in order to remain completely independent & unbiased), the entire costs are borne by me personally – and via any voluntary donations.

However, in one area we did NOT break any records during September: donations. During the entire month, we had only two users to leave a donation – and NONE in the past 30 days. One reason for the lack of donations is that the donate button evidently was not working properly. I have now fixed that issue.

Would you consider making a small donation to help us continue offering FREE & UNBIASED services here on the Bishop? I don’t like to ask but it is needed. Any amount is appreciated. The entire amount of your donation (less the PayPal charges) goes in support of site maintenance.  (Donate link in the right hand sidebar.)

If you are not able to donate, would you SHARE the site with your friends on Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

Let’s make October another record breaker – in EVERY area – including donations!

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