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advertisements on the Bishop

advertisements on the Bishop

Since this site is growing so fast and the number of visitors has now reached new highs (avg of 60k hits and 10k page views each DAY), I am running a trial of Google advertising on the Bishop to help pay for the bandwidth.

You will see the ads displayed in several different positions on the page. This, and many other aspects of the advertisements can be changed to blend into the theme of the site.

Certainly, I do not wish to have ANY advertisements that are not family friendly or otherwise inappropriate for the site. If you see ANYTHING that is offensive, please let me know.

I would really like to hear your COMMENTS about this entire concept. It may be that I will turn the ads off entirely if it is a problem for our visitors & users. However, if there is not a significant number of comments with specific reasons not to, I will likely continue with the ads.

If you have comments, please let me know about:

  • content – is the content of the ads appropriate or not?
  • size & location – would the ads be more acceptable if they were located differently? 
  • number – are there too many ads on a page, or should the home page be excluded?
  • relation to donations – do you feel that ads are not compatible with my request for donations, or would you rather increase your donations in order to eliminate the ads?
  • other comments – whatever you feel would help me make a good decision

[important]Disclaimer: Although I can DENY certain ads from being displayed on this site, I do not select which ads ARE displayed. There is no relationship between any ads displayed and the reviews presented on the site. We are still entirely independent in the content of our articles and reviews. [/important]

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