Comments actually are working now!


Comments working again

OK. I believe that everything (including comments) is working properly now. The new server appears to be providing FAST loads to everyone – even when there 30-40 users online at a time. That is good.

If you experience issues in the future, send an email to or comment on the Facebook page at


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6 Responses to Comments actually are working now!

  1. Rolando says:

    I did it, but doesn’t work for me, just appear a big and red X and the device turns off.
    i will continue using CM7 from sd.
    Question: there is a SD version of CM9 or another version that allows me to make calls over the internet on my 8GB nook tablet?

    thanks a lot

    • Ray says:

      I am sorry to hear that.
      Some folks evidently have HARD bricked their devices and that happens. I have read of a few people who were able to recover but most apparently did not.
      The process for creating a CM9 or CM10 SDCard is confusing and I prefer to keep my instructions (here) simple so I do not attempt it.
      Check the XDA forums for possible solutions to both questions.

  2. Rolando says:

    Hi, I wonder if there is any website where I can find the complete partition table, or a tutorial to create it with ADB tools?
    I have an 8GB nook tablet with a 16GB partition table and I can´t set or install anything.

    blessings and thanks in advance.

    • Ray says:

      Yes, I have seen such on the XDA forums but I do not recommend it. There are a lot of potential problems by doing so.
      Actually, there is very little difference between the two now.
      Try this article first:
      It worked for me and (after you create the bootable SDCard) is super simple, safe, and easy.
      Creating the card is challenging for some but it is much simpler than using ADB to recreate the partition table.

  3. Sean Koester says:

    Hello, i watched your video on how to install KFU to Kindle fire… But i cannot figure out how to get the ADB status, and Boot status Online… ive plugged the kindle in, but nothing… in the video it says at 2:50 Devise Driver Software Installed Successfully, Your devise is ready to use… Is their a way to get my kindle to be recognized on my Windows computer? Please write back…


    • Ray Waldo says:

      Windows is notorious for being fickle about usb drivers. I don’t use Windows very much so I can not help a lot. Basically you must delete the offending driver and install the correct driver. Do a Search on Google if you are uncertain.

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