No more slow connections!

Fast Web

We are now FAST!!!

Slow downs

For the past few days, we have experienced a lot of slow downs and even down times. The problem is both bad and good. The bad side is that it affected your experience but the good side is that we are having as many as 50 people online at one time!


I have now upgraded my servers and we should see DRAMATIC increases in the loading speed. However, this is both time-consuming and EXPENSIVE.

Although the site is fully functional, I am still working out some superficial issues. You may see some minor changes from the old site and some things may change slightly over the next few days as I continue to tweak the system.

You can help

As I said, this change is expensive. I have had to purchase new, advanced server space to make this change happen. If you like what we do here on the “Bishop” please hit the “Donate” button in the side panel. Your contribution of any amount is appreciated.


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