Recovery from Brain Surgery!

Recovery from Brain Surgery

What should a 68-year-old retiree do when he is recovering from Brain Surgery? Probably should be home resting since it was only 10 days ago.

Instead, I went out for a little ride… On one of the fastest all-terrain vehicles in the world! My son-in-law (Aron Jenevein) gave me a FANTASTIC Christmas gift… Here is the link to the series of videos that will get larger as I publish them.

But, if you want to see them immediately, these are the first couple:This is a video of throwing rooster tails in a mud bog – at about 30 miles per hour!

Travelling at about 40mph on a muddy firelane in the woods. We *DID* get wet! ..




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  1. Now that is what I call recovery! FUN!

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