Surgery, Recovery, & New Server

Surgery, Recovery, & New Server


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Well, here I am, a week into my recovery since brain surgery last Monday (17 Dec 2012). I expected to have the site migrated to the new server before I went to surgery but it was not exactly done. Consequently, the title, “Surgery, Recovery, & New Server” – dealing with all of those is a fairly large order.

First, the SURGERY (& RECOVERY) issue: My Father, God and the good doctors at North Oaks Hospital in Hammond, LA did a fantastic job! I have not experienced any set backs or even serious issues. With the exception of having continual hiccups (physical kind) 24/7, everything has gone pretty much as scheduled. The hiccups are a side effect (along with difficulty swallowing and heart burn) of the steroid med that they have me taking. Saturday, they prescribed Thorazine to keep the hiccups at bay. So far, it is working pretty well but it too, has side effects!

NEW SERVER: The site did stay operational during my surgery and immediate recovery, but, as of this morning, there were still some additional hiccups. I trust that I have almost all of those swashed now. Let me know if you run into anything that just does not work.

Time allowances – Please understand that I am now almost two weeks behind on writing new articles and trying to answer your comments. It will take a lot of time to catch up. Until further notice, I will try to abide by the following priority list for the work of the “Bishop” (I also have a LOT of personal priorities that will take precedence over this):

  • Comments.. I will assume that the oldest comment authors have already found solutions. I will try to work from the newest comments BACK to the oldest. Note: I will NOT be answering comments about tech matters on our FaceBook page until I get caught back up.
  • Articles… I have a lot of new material that I want to publish but I want to do it right. That takes time. Please check back often (or subscribe) to be sure that you don’t miss anything.

[important]Thanks for your amazing responses to this site. On the three days around Christmas (24,25,26), we had more page-views than during the entire month of April 2012! On Christmas day, we broke 5,000 page views!!! And the other two days were just a few hundred less than 5,000. [/important]

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  1. Jack says:

    Good to hear that you’re back and progressing well Ray. I watched the vids on youtube. Looks like fun.

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