Flash for Chromebook with Ubuntu

Flash for Chromebook with Ubuntu

FlashIf you installed Ubuntu on your Chrome Book and the Adobe Flash plug-in is not working, follow the instructions here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/chromebook-central/Oia5YM2xqew. Note that you may need to restart the C7 before everything works properly.

After a week or so, my flash player stopped working again. Here is what I did to restore it:

In the Chrome browser:

  1. Type “about:plugins” (without quotes) into the address bar (it should display a list of plugins on your device)
  2. Scroll down to the “Adobe Flash Player” line
  3. Click “enable”
  4. click “always allow”

Exit and restart Chrome – and enjoy Flash again.

Note:  The browser may interpret the “about:plugins” address as a true Internet address. Just try again – open a new tab and copy/paste – or type – the text into a clear tab / address bar.

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4 Responses to Flash for Chromebook with Ubuntu

  1. Balagopal aka Balu says:

    Is it working? Please update..

  2. I loaded the Team DRH-JB-Alpha-5.3 operating system onto my Viewsonic Gtablet.It seems to work ok but sometimes its slow. I don’t understand this Ubunto Chrome Book that you are talking about? I have installed flash player and it is working ok. How to I proceed. Do I have to load other drivers? If so where do I get them and how do you install them? Thank you

    • Ray says:

      The ChromeBook is an entirely different device. It is a very nice little $200 laptop. It is not related to the GTab in any way.

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