How to display phone content on TV

How to display phone content on TV

This is the initial setup and display of the Google ChromeCast device

It Includes stills, video, and a short review and instructions.

Here is the unboxing video:

Here is the setup video:

Here are the photos of the parts included in the box.

How it works:

  1. You connect the device to one of the HDMI connectors on your TV set
  2. Connect the micro USB cable to the device and the other end of the cable to either the USB connector on you TV (if it has one) or (preferred) to the included AC power pack.
  3. Change the TV’s input until you see the ChromeCast display.
  4. Using your computer, phone, or tablet’s browser, visit the website displayed on the TV screen.
  5. If you are using a mobile device, you will be prompted to download and install the ChromeCast application.
  6. Assure that your mobile device and the ChromeCast device are both within close range to the same WiFi router.
  7. When the app has been installed, open it and allow it to find the ChromeCast device.
  8. When both devices are synced, you can then use the accepted applications (YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Movies & TV, and Google Play Music) to connect to videos.
  9. While displaying a video on your mobile device, click on the little TV/WiFi icon at the top of your screen. Then the video will display on the TV.
  10. You can control the display (start, stop, etc) using the mobile device.

Chrome Browser:

With the ChromeCast app running, you can use the Chrome Browser to display the content of any website on your TV.


I have had a lot of trouble connecting my ChromeCast device to my network router. The router is located about 25 feet away but through several walls. The result is that the ChromCast only gets two bars of WiFi. The result of that is that (although the ChromeCast display shows that it is connected) my mobile devices cannot find/connect to the ChromeCast. It consistently displays the “No Chromecast found on [wifi_name]” screen. Which makes the device pretty much useless.


When I first connected (displayed in the video), I managed to display some Netflix content. But, in the hour or so after that, I have been unable to connect (again) and try the other apps or the browser.

Current Evaluation:

Unless a user has a very strong WiFi signal at their TV location, using the device could be problematic. I have ordered another router that I plan to position near my TV to see if that helps.

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5 Responses to How to display phone content on TV

  1. I was excited when I read that Chromecast would allow me to cast anything from my chrome browser to the tv. Since I’ve already got a Roku HD Streaming Player (and because not everything I watch is on Netflix), that was really the only feature I really cared about. Given that I ordered early enough for the Netflix promotion, I thought it was worth the $11 investment.Despite my interest in casting Chrome from my computer, my first trial was casting Netflix from my phone. It worked beautifully, and I was very happy with my purchase… until I got around to casting from Chrome. That was an utter failure. We’ve got enough bandwidth that streaming video has never been a problem, either on the computer or through the roku. But stream to the computer and chromecast to the tv, and suddenly stops and starts so much, it’s unwatchable. In the moments when it’s playing instead or pausing, the video doesn’t even match the audio.I still think the chromecast has potential if more developers start incorporating it, and it works well if all you watch is netflix and youtube. But if you want to stream video via chrome, chromecast won’t cut it.UPDATE: Just a few additional notes, based on comments posted by other users.1. Chrome tab casting is in beta. Thanks, for the reminder. Let’s hope it gets better.2. Computer performance can significantly impact quality of casting. Our macbook is several years old, so that could be a contributing factor.3. Video quality settings can improve the performance. We tried the low resolution setting. It improved the performance but not to the point of making it watchable.

    • Ray says:

      Sorry to have missed your comment. It was sent to my spam filter (??)
      I agree that ChromeCast is still not the “fix all” for streaming to the TV. However, it is well worth the small cost of the device. My major use for it is to cast YouTube videos to the TV – which it does very well.

  2. Efros says:

    I was having similar issues so I ran a cable from my basement to behind my TV and then used one of these, perfect.

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