Have you been helped by the Bishop?

If you have been helped by the Bishop

Then why not help me?

You can help the Bishop!

You can help the Bishop!

Then here are some ways you can help me:

  • Donate: Your donations help me purchase new technology devices to review and support. We are always receptive to your donations. Hit the “Donate” button on the left side of your screen (or, at the bottom of the screen if you are using a mobile device.) Send money via PayPal (you can use your credit card).
  • Share: Hit one of the Share buttons to recommend a page (or the site) to your friends on social media. If the site has helped you, then it is likely it can help some of your friends also.
  • Comment: If you have a question, or an answer, then leave a comment on the appropriate article. we – and others – want to hear what you have to say!
  • Write: We are always looking for guest writers to present reviews or how-tos for your favorite tech toys. Leave an email for Ray on the Contact page.
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