Simple Root Android

It appears that the app has been taken down from the Google Play Store! I don’t know if it is temporary or permanent.

You can read more about it here. AND, you can download both parts of the Installer here.

[warning] NOTE: This is currently available ONLY for specified Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, and HTC One devices (see here). Others will likely be added in the future.[/warning]

Simple Root AndroidFrom the CyanogenMod blog: 

CyanogenMod Installer Release

Today we are exiting the ‘beta’ status phase and providing the CyanogenMod Installer for general release. The Play store application is now available, and the PC client component is now available.

Here is the description from the Play Store:

Companion application for the CyanogenMod Installer. Following this process will provide your device with the latest version of CyanogenMod, an Android OS made for you, the users..

For a list of currently supported devices, please see our Supported Devices page:

Please note: Currently the installation process requires a Windows PC to complete. We are working on OSX support.

When I have tested the Simple Root Android, I will write a review and a simple guide (if it is needed) and post it here. Check the CyanogenMod site now to learn more.

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