RayWaldo.com is changing

Changes on RayWaldo.com!

The official domain name is now BISHOPTEC.COM.

Please change your bookmarks because we will be dropping the raywaldo.com domain eventually.RayWaldo.com is Under Construction

In 2014, we had a spammer hit the site and almost destroy it. That is now fixed and the site is much more secure from such threats.

Also, we made some server changes that (hopefully) speeded up access to the site. It is now running on a different server account than previously. Most of the changes are not visible from the user’s point of view but they are there just the same.

One change that you might notice

We are moving away from the RAYWALDO.COM domain and adopting the BISHOPTEC.COM domain. If you observe the address bar in your browser, you will notice that (after the initial opening of the site) the BishopTec.com domain will be displayed. It is more representative of this site and will be used exclusively in the future.

At present, the two domains co-exist and interoperate. But we expect to remove the raywaldo.com domain sometime in the near future. (I will reserve it for my personal web.) All articles will continue to be available until they become entirely obsolete. The only difference will be the domain name.


Be sure to change your bookmarks!

When the move is eventually complete, it will free up my personal domain name for other purposes. At that time, you will need to use the bishoptec.com domain in order to reach this website.

Our Facebook page (here) also got a bit of a facelift. Note that the address for that page will not change: https://www.facebook.com/BTecno

Hopefully, everything on both sites is now working correctly. But, if you see something that you feel is broken – or that you just don’t like – leave a comment below. We read every comment (& respond to almost every one). And, we do appreciate your input!


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