Writers Needed

Would you like to write about your favorite Tech “TOY”?

I need some help writing for “The Bishop of Technology.” 

We need writersWriters Needed!

What we can use:

  • New Item Unboxing Reviews;
  • Full Reviews of Technology Items (hardware, software/apps, or firmware);
  • Common Sense “How-To” articles similar to those already on the site;
  • Editorial comments about current or future technology;
  • Other things that I have not yet thought of.

Considerations (actual legal “contract” will be our TOS):

  • All articles will retain the original author’s byline and copyright (if retained). The Bishop of Technology will be given unlimited rights to publication without royalties.
  • Articles must be reviewed and approved by Ray Waldo before publication. Ray may provide editorial changes to make the article more presentable and to correct grammar, etc. No technical or factual changes will be made without the author’s agreement.
  • Articles submitted for publication must be the original copyright property of the submitting author. For any material copied from or based upon the work of another, the author must provide appropriate credit (and associated links) to the original source.
  • Articles may be presented as single or series and authors may be “one time to bat” or regular contributors but each author is expected to support their article by responding to comments and questions. Unsupported articles will be removed or revised and claimed by Ray or another author.
  • Authors will not receive any tangible payment for the publication rights to their articles. Intangible rewards may include such things as publicity and exposure of the author’s writing skills; thankfulness of our users; and the personal joy of knowing that you have helped others.

If this sounds appealing, leave a comment. Or, use the “Contact” page to send email.


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