Facebook Messenger Replacement – Chat Re-Enabler

Facebook Messenger Replacement

The Facebook application is a HUGE app (in size, memory requirements, and battery drain) and the Messenger app is likewise huge. Plus, both apps require many more “permissions” (read, potential privacy violations) than would seem logical. (For more about this, see our previous article, “Solution to Facebook Messenger Privacy Issues“.)Facebook Messenger Replacement

My previous article suggested that, to avoid installing the Facebook Messenger app, you can just use the Android web browser to send and receive messages. Personally, I deleted both apps and used the browser’s desktop version of the website for all FB use. But I have to admit that the app does a better job of displaying the FB timeline on small screen devices. So, that is not a viable alternative for all users.

Facebook Chat Re-Enabler

But, Facebook has not removed the chat function (code) from its application. They only disabled it. Now, THANKS to xda-developers senior member, AntaresOne, we have another option: A small footprint (very small with no battery drain) application to fix the FB app to re-enable the chat (messages) function. It does nothing other than re-enable the function. Upon install, you will not see any icon and “opening” the app does not appear to accomplish anything. However, when you return to the FB app, you will notice that the message/chat function works again.

The Chat Re-enable should work for all devices with Android 2.3 or later. IT DOES NOT REQUIRE ROOT! There are two (very minor) issues with the app. First, it is not an official application that you can get from the PlayStore. Therefore, you must download the APK file and enable the “Unknown Sources” (in Android’s Settings/Security folder) to install it. Sdownload folderecond, Facebook can – at any time – remove the chat code from its app, which would stop this app from functioning.

The process for installing the Re-enabler is as follows:

  1. Uninstall the FB Messenger app (if you have previously installed it).
  2. Enable the “Unknown Sources” setting. For most newer Androids, it is in the “Security” area of Settings.
  3. Download the APK file from here:  https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95784891001608389 .
  4. Use your device’s File Manager application (or “Downloads” application) to locate the FacebookChatEnabler.apk file in your default download folder, then click on it to install. Allow the install.
  5. Dis-enable the “Unknown Sources” setting.
  6. Enjoy using the Facebook app for messages again.

If the Facebook chat function still does not work, try one of these:

  • In Settings/Application Manager/Facebook, clear all data and cache. Then force stop. Exit app mgr and then re-start Facebook and log in again. I have not done this so I don’t know if you will need to reinstall the chat re-enabler apk or not. If so, it should still be in the downloads folder – just click on it to re-install it.
  • If the chat function still does not work, use the application manager to clear FB’s data and cache (again) and then UNINSTALL the Facebook app. Then install FB again (from the PlayStore) and reinstall the Chat Re-enable APK file (which should still be in your downloads folder).

Be sure to visit AntaresOne’s page on the XDA-Developer Forum (here). There are links to allow you to thank him and/or give a donation. Also, the developer will be able to answer more technical questions if you are still having issues.

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