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Speed up your Android Device

Why your device is slow

This article will enable you to speed up your Android device. One of the main reasons that Android mobile devices get (sometimes excruciatingly) slow is that your device memory is used up. When that happens, the system doesn’t provide running apps with enough memory to operate correctly. If apps on your device regularly lock up and become unresponsive or if it takes extremely long for an action to take effect, then you are probably out of memory. When this happens, it will also suck your battery down quicker. 

Many low cost phones and tablets only have 16GB of memory. Although that sounds like a lot, the system takes the majority of that and if you have a lot of apps installed, they take several GB. The result is that you may only have less than 1GB for operations. (Check Settings/Storage for your actual values.) Now, you can easily speed up your Android device.

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