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Ray Waldo is a retired pastor with a passion for sharing knowledge, understanding and (if possible), wisdom with everyone he meets. Prior to his retirement, Ray served as a local pastor and as a short-term missionary to Mexico, Kenya, Uganda & the Democratic Republic of Congo (while the country was still in conflict). Ray holds ministerial credentials (Ordained Bishop) with the Church of God (Cleveland) and his current assignment is that of “Technology Evangelist.” It is an unofficial & unpaid position conferred upon him by the COGLA Administrative Bishop (Robert Moore, Jr) upon Ray’s retirement from pastoral work. Ray prefers the title “Bishop of Technology” – which is the name of the technology-based website that he writes. Ray is available to speak & consult with churches or others concerning his specialty of merging technology with ministry. To book a ministry event, seminar or a consultation, leave a comment on the “Contact Us” page:  https://bishoptec.com/contact/Ray is also a widely recognized teacher, writer and public speaker. He is presently writing two books online and expects to them to be published within the next couple of years. His “Prophecy With A Grain of Salt” is at http://salt.cdntoday.com & his “James On Trial” is online at http://james.cdntoday.com. Ray’s devotional website, “The Chief Shepherd” serves ministers & laity on seven continents (http://chiefshepherd.com).

While pastoring a local church in Eupora, MS, Ray earned his BS & MEd degrees from Mississippi State University. During the two years of his graduate studies as MSU, Ray taught regular undergraduate classes in the Educational Psychology Department. He continued pastoring and also worked in the electronics field until he took a position as a Logistics Planner for the federal government. And even after retiring from his secular job, served ten more years as pastor of a church he planted in Tickfaw, LA.

Ray is an avid technology “geek” and has professional credentials for Microsoft products. More recently, Ray has become a fan of Ubuntu Linux and the Android mobile operating system. His passion drives him to make present-day technology accessible to common people. He offers advice & guidance on an array of technology matters via his “Bishop of Technology” (https://bishoptec.com) website. Anyone wanting to know more about how technology can be used in ministry or in everyday life is encouraged to visit the site and ask questions there.

Ray’s most recent web-related project is the “CDN Today Community of Christian Websites” (http://cdntoday.com). The free service (funded & operated entirely by Ray) offers a “Facebook-like” experience to the visitors of the network. Users only need to sign in once to have access to their own (and others’) activity page, friends, groups, forums & more. The CDN Today Network hosts a wide array of family- and Christian-friendly websites — All of which are linked to the main site. This linkage makes navigation easier for users and helps to develop the “community” feeling on the network. The network also offers free web-hosting (and technical assistance) to approved users who wish to develop their own web presence on the CDN Today Network. Register on the site to learn more  http://cdntoday.com/register/

Ray’s personal blog, “Ray’s Head – All the stuff  that isn’t worth putting anywhere else” is a light-hearted insight into his personal life. This is a good place to learn who Ray Waldo *really* is and to keep up with him as a friend. The site is also on the CDN Today network at http://ray.cdntoday.com/

Vivian (Viv) has tolerated Ray since their marriage in 1964. Her “Viv’s Home Cookin’ ” site is also on CDN Today at http://recipe.cdntoday.com/. Viv & Ray have three “grown & gone” children (they & their spouses just happen to be the most beautiful children ever born) and two grandsons (also perfect). They have four adopted children at home (all of the canine species – but they don’t tell the “babies” about that). The 6-member Waldo family resides in a lovely home in one of the most beautiful and peaceful locations in Southern Louisiana where they grow fruit, vegetables & flowers. The property is also a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat. Their “Vertical Gardening” website is at http://garden.cdntoday.com.

Ray’s description of his life:

“I am truly blessed and highly favored. I am unworthy but God has been extremely good to me!”

7 Responses to About Ray Waldo

  1. William Brown says:

    Ray, I think I went beyond screwing up my Kindle Fire (1st Gen). I am not even sure where to start to get it fixed. It turns on and I can get TWRP to load but that’s it. None of the utilities seem to work, they all say basically the same thing “unable to find (fill in the blank, sdcard, data, you name it) I am at a loss. I intended to make it an android OS and gift it to my nephew. Is it possible to ruin my Kindle for good. I can (on occasion) find the tablet (F drive). on my PC and access the SD card and other times not. Can you help? Can you email me off list?

  2. Victor A. says:

    Hello RAY! You have been such help to me on getting my nook tablet to do just about anything. I wanted to share that it appears VOIP calls do work now using this latest SGT7 rom dated 6/11. I have installed talkatone and the required google voice etc and voila it works! Not to mention this ROM appears to be very stable. Thought I would share that since I cannot comment on the XDA site. Those guys may not even know that they fixed this for me! SOOOO HAPPY!!!


  3. mike says:

    love your site…help to make my G-Tab usable with ICS 4.0 Loving it now.
    Couldn’t get to your other website cdntoday or any others listed. Just gives me a redirect loop?
    Thanks, the videos were especially helpful.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Thanks for the comments. I checked the other sites (on a different server) and there is an error. I am working on it. I have repaired the problem so the sites should be available now.
      Glad that this site worked well for you! Come back often!

  4. Derrick says:

    I’m blessed to have found you Pastor Ray. Thank you for inspiring me at this time of need in my life.
    May God continue to bless you, your family and your mission.

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