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Facebook Messenger Replacement

The Facebook application is a HUGE app (in size, memory requirements, and battery drain) and the Messenger app is likewise huge. Plus, both apps require many more “permissions” (read, potential privacy violations) than would seem logical. (For more about this, see our previous article, “ Continue reading

Solution to Facebook Messenger Privacy Issues

Solution to Facebook Messenger Privacy Issues

There are frequent complaints about Facebook’s Terms of Service (TOS) or Privacy Statement. Both seem to always stretch the legal & moral limits. The constant strain on the limits have led to the point that many users just hit the “Agree” button without even … Continue reading

Jelly Bean USB connection

Jelly Bean USB connection

Jelly Bean USB connection – If you have trouble “seeing” the files on your Android (Jelly Bean) device, this could be the simple solution that you are looking for.


  • In settings / developer options /  – set  “USB debugging”
  • Connect the USB cable
  • Check notifications – see … Continue reading