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57 Responses to Contact

  1. Armando Montes De Oca III says:

    I am not sure I am leaving a comment in the right spot Ray but I am trying to get google play store working in my nook cm 10 mod that I followed your steps on. I would be willing to send you some money for the help so 15 or 20 a little more possibly. I can use amazon apps alternately however things go.

  2. Armando Montes De Oca III says:

    I am having some trouble with Google Play working so I uninstalled it along with google moves it seems if it has to sign into google account it crashes. I went to goo manager and tried installing the gapps link through goo manger for the nook but nothing was installed after I it says my download is being installed. I can use amazon app store alternately but I do like the google on as well what can be done?

  3. Armando Montes De Oca III says:

    My Upgrade worked but I went to a team win screen that was a little different looking than your you tube video screen shots thanks.

  4. Dennis B. Reese says:

    My dad gave me a Viewsonic,which he had put Honeycomb on it,I in return followed your video on how to put Jellybean on it today and it works just fine. Thank You for a fun time!Hope you are doing well and Happy Holidays!

  5. Armando Montes De Oca III says:


    Hi Ray I just went from Clock Work Mod to CM7 so now all I have to do is get goo manager and CM 10 and I would have Jelly Bean? I heard from another You Tube post that the CM10 is re booting randomly so I want to wait for another mod if that is happening.

    • Ray says:

      Please leave comments on the related article. You are on the right track. Assuming that you are talking about the Nook Tablet, some CM10 Roms were unstable but are much better now. None are perfect.

  6. Joe says:

    Hey Ray,
    Im on a nook tablet and I want to access all 16gb of internal storage for use, but cant seem to figure out how to do it. Im running the JB rom that you suggest in your how to video. You’ve been a great help with all my nook tablet needs thanks so much!

  7. Mark Lwson says:

    Hi Ray, I looked under the gtablet section and I couldn’t find any discussion on the camera not working. I just flashed my gtab and the camera doesn’t work. Is there a fix for this?

  8. rafi says:

    Hey Ray, i recently got a kindle fire from optimum for free. I was wondering that if i did root my kindle fire and flashed a rom on it, would i still be able to use Optimum hotspots and the free wifi data that optimum sends me(i am an optimum custormer) or will i lose that feature once i root it? Any reply would be nice thanks for reading

    • Ray says:

      I am not familiar with the “Optimum” service. Whether the service would continue to work with a custom Android ROM would depend on how closed their service is. The original Amazon service works but you need to download their Kindle app for Android. Also, flash is not supported with the new Jelly Bean except in some other nations.
      My guess is that you will only need to use your account credentials for the wifi to work. Probably every thing else will also work. However, the Android OS is so much better than the Kindle os that you will still love it even if they limit some functions.

  9. Bret says:


    Hey Ray. I have a Nook Tablet 8Gig. I did everything you said to put cm7 on the sd card. Everything worked great for about 2 weeks. The only way the “TEAM B” screen came on since day one, was through the power cord attached when NT was totally shut down. My problem is the NT goes to the blue android guy then the screen goes black, then the silver “n” comes on and goes back to stock. Is there a trick to getting back the cm7. Or do I have to start the whole process over again with the SD card. Thanks for all your help.

  10. M. Gaffney says:

    Wrong area
    Day 3 with Honeycomb and starting to see some technical issues which were expected. On bootup, right after lock screen is actuated, (Android version 3.0.1 and Build number gtabComb_3.3_bl1.2), we get an application error process must force close. Trying to use Google Map and other applications like Sygic, they error out saying GPS is disabled. Are these related and what can I do next?

    Looking for ideas, Ray. Thanks

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Please click on the “GTab” tab in the menu bar at the top of this page. Visit the pages related to Honeycomb. You should find answers there. If you still have questions, leave a comment there.
      This page is for non-technical contact. Thanks.

  11. M. Gaffney says:

    Wrong area
    NVFlash, then CWM, then ROM install instructions worked like a charm. GTAB Fully up and running on Honeycomb with all the trimmings. Totally different device, just as I hoped. Remote for iTunes, Box, Netflix, Pandora, Shazam, Piano, Guitar. I recommend this forum for anyone! Thanks Ray.

  12. M. Gaffney says:

    Wrong area
    Ray: I have a VS 1.2 gtab out of the box. I follow instructions to unzip CWM 3.028 on my host PC in a special folder and use the USB cable to move it to the internal card which in this case is seen by Windows as Drive I:. The USB connection seems to think that /sdram/ is the root and it only wants to copy the files there. When I reboot and hold the VOL+ button and Power button, I get a softbrick at the birds screen. It says “Recovery Key detected”, and under it it says “Booting Recovery kernel image”, then it softbricks. I can reboot normally into FROYO. I have reinstalled several times but can never seem to get past this point. Any thoughts or recommendations?

  13. john says:

    Wrong area
    Mr.Ray please help me!I am so sick to my stomache.Ok,i had vegan gingerbread edition on my gtab and i did not know how much i loved it and missed it until it was gone.I was a sucker.i wanted the newer market and a newer version rom so i was scared to do it myself and fell for this bad bad person on ebay selling these so so simple one step roms for honeycomb,i bought two and it did not even work because i already had clockwork installed so he sent me stuff to put on and this version is the worst thing i have seen,it keeps freezing and locking up,the internet browser will not work,the rotation does not work,still do not have the market and now he will not reply back to i went to your great site to beg you to get my baby back,i want my vegan back,i wish i would never changed it.they say dont fix what is not broke.but there is no usb connection working on the tablet running this crappy version i think it is adam tab passion or something like that.i do have clockwork,please please help,i am new to all this as well,i just want to go back to my wonderful tablet,it is nothing more than a paper weight now. many thanks. john

  14. Ozzie Rivera says:

    Wrong area
    I followed the NV for dummies to the letter. I had succesfully installed CMR (worked just fine) and partioned/formatted as instructed with the aim of moving up to BL 1.2 and a new ROM. Now at the NVFlash stage, downloaded and extracted all the files for BL 1.2 into the PC NVFLASH folder.The APX mode works fine when I run nvflash_gtablet.bat everything loads succesfully except the file SYSTEM.IMG(last file), which always comes up with the error “send failed NVerror command failure :create failed (bad data)”. It transfers a small part of this file and bombs. Tried numerous times. Decided to try to switch to BL 1.1 with the same results always the same issue “failed to load system.img”. I this point the only thing working is the APX mode (black screen). Help

  15. Ray
    Tried to use your form above but it would not allow me to. IT thought I had not put an email address in when i did.

    Here is the content of the submission:

    You and I have Christianity in common and a love for technology. As a former teacher and early technogeek, may I make a comment. First I would love to say that your site here has been of some help. It IS crammed full of useful stuff. However I am trying to root my Viewsonic gTab and I found the links either not there [in one case] or confusing because they jumped backward to earlier posts on the same topic. May I suggest that you remove or archive the old stuff or delink it from the new. Then please just make a new set of instructions. Appreciate your efforts but I must go elswhere to make progress. No insult just meant to be be helpful as friend to friend.


    • Ray Waldo says:

      Thanks for the input, Charles. However, You must tell me WHAT is broken if I am to fix anything.
      – Please tell me the links that are broken so that I can fix them.
      – Please tell me the flow that is confusing. I want to repair that also.

      Generalizations are like gossip, they don’t fix things, they just suggest that something is bad.

      I am sorry that you feel that you have to search elsewhere. Please accept a FULL REFUND of all the money you gave me for my services. 🙂

      Also, please write me back when (or, if) you find a site with guides that are easier to read and understand. My readers and I would like to have the link.

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