From these pages, you may download files associated with many of our articles. Most files have links inside my articles that link to the original developer’s host. I strongly urge you to download the files from either the links on my guides/articles or, from the developer’s site.

When you download files from this page, there will likely be *NO* instructions attached. You will need to visit the appropriate guides/articles from this site (or from the developer’s site) for such help.



Almost all of these files are (or were) hosted by their various authors. Very few originated with me. I only downloaded them and host them here for your benefit. I take no credit for the development of the software. Neither will I be held responsible for its use.

Although all files were checked for malware at the time I made them available, I make no claim that such is the case when you receive the file. Likewise, I will not be held accountable for any problems or damages caused by the use (or misuse) of these files.


There is no charge for downloading these files. I may make them freely available to everyone – OR – I reserve the right to restrict availability to only registered users of this site, selected users, no one, or any other group that I choose. However, if one or more files are visible but not available to you, please leave a comment asking about it.

Abuse of this system

I have taken reasonable measures to assure that these files are provided in a manner that is easy to access and download. Any OTHER use of this system is a crime and I will seek prosecution to the fullest extent of the laws of Louisiana & the United States of America.


By clicking on any of the download page links below, you are electronically accepting these terms.


General: These files are not related to any of the existing groups of files, so I call them General.

Nook: These files are related to the Nook Tablet, Nook HD, etc. If you are uncertain which files relate to your device visit the appropriate article on this site.

GTab: These files are related to the Unisonic G-Tablet.

Kindle: Files related to the Amazon Kindle devices. If you are uncertain which files relate to your device visit the appropriate article on this site.

ChromeOS: Files related to Google’s Chrome Book, ChromeCast, and Chrome Browser




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