Fantastic DAY!

Today was a FANTASTIC day for me!! I got a great report from my ENT doctor, made a great new friend, got a committment for a wonderful Christian interview and article — and did some male bonding with my newest “son” (son-in-law by legal definition).
Aron Jenevein took me for the ride of my life! Look for a YouTube video on “Recovery from Brain Surgery on a CAN-AM“. ONLY way to do REAL recovery (grin) …

I wanted to attend my 50yr reunion!

Wow! And I sure did want to attend my H.S. Reunion!
I received an invitation to the 50yr reunion of our High School graduating class. (Yeah – 50 years ago — 1962!) It read in part, “Even though we have made plans for Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Saturday night, these are at your desecration.” Well, if “desecration” in in the works, I guess I better not attend.  (Spell checkers are NOT really checkers! Someone needs a dictionary.)

100 years ago

I have been doing a bit of reminiscing recently. While researching some background for an article on my old Christian Distribution Network, I ran across this article. It was published back in 2002 in the (now defunct) FidoNet News. It refers to how life was in 1902. You can read the entire publication at In any case, I hope you enjoy a look back… Continue reading