Ice Cream Sandwich on G-Tab

This is the NEW & UPDATED GUIDE for installing TeamDRS’ Android 4 (ICS) b.1.2 on the ViewSonic G-Tablet. It is a SIMPLIFIED guide for both Windows and Linux users and includes instructions for NVFlash, partitioning the SDCard, & flashing the ROM & Google Applications. The new version (b.1.2) has an automated install script and other new features. RECOMMENDED! Continue reading

GTabComb vs Illuminate HC vs Flashback HC


Outdated Article!

This entire series of articles is deprecated! Newer ROMs and advanced procedures have replaced (or made obsolete) the information in these articles. This article is retained only for archival purposes.

Please check out our NEWER series of articles on the ViewSonic G-Tablet:

Which Honeycomb ROM works … Continue reading