Speed up your Android Device & increase battery life by 20% Uninstall Facebook

Speed up your Android Device

Why your device is slow

This article will enable you to speed up your Android device. One of the main reasons that Android mobile devices get (sometimes excruciatingly) slow is that your device memory is used up. When that happens, the system doesn’t provide running … Continue reading

Private Networks – Public Internet – What is the difference?

Private Networks – Public Internet – What is the difference?


In this series of articles, I have been developing a plan for a low-cost video surveillance system for your home. Private Networks - Public Internet Continue reading

Facebook Messenger Replacement – Chat Re-Enabler

Facebook Messenger Replacement

The Facebook application is a HUGE app (in size, memory requirements, and battery drain) and the Messenger app is likewise huge. Plus, both apps require many more “permissions” (read, potential privacy violations) than would seem logical. (For more about this, see our previous article, “ Continue reading

Network Router Guide

Network Router Guide

Network Router Functions:

This network router guide describes some of the many functions of your router:

  • It serves as the local “node” for the Wide Area Network (WAN), which is generally understood as the Internet or “cloud.” To do this, it connects directly to … Continue reading

Jelly Bean USB connection

Jelly Bean USB connection

Jelly Bean USB connection – If you have trouble “seeing” the files on your Android (Jelly Bean) device, this could be the simple solution that you are looking for.


  • In settings / developer options /  – set  “USB debugging”
  • Connect the USB cable
  • Check notifications – see … Continue reading