Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are an extension of your personal identity on Facebook. They allow you to separate your personal identity from whatever focus the page has. The process of creating one may be intimidating but this article should make it easier. Generally, a person will publish a page on Facebook to focus on a particular area of interest. Such pages can link with an external blog for even greater benefit. Continue reading

Windows 8 or NOT

Windows 8 or not? That was a question that I probably should have considered a bit more before I upgraded. But, since I don’t use Windows a lot, it does not matter that much. Here are some of the quick lessons that I have learned in the short time that I have been using it. I arranged it into “The good”, “The bad”, and the “The ugly.” Continue reading

Rooting Tips for Noobs

Rooting tips for Android: Android has some jargon “built in” that is a bit confusing when trying to customize your device. This short “rooting tips” guide may help to de-mystify things. This article explains terms like, noob, root, jailbreak, unlocking, flash, factory reset, wipe data, wipe cache, wipe battery stats, dirty flash, etc. Continue reading

iPhone 4/4G: How to Replace the Glass/LCD/Digitizer

This article provides a step-by-step guide to replacing the front glass, the LCD, & the digitizer on an iPhone 4 or 4G. A video is linked and appropriate photos shown. (The same procedure allows replacement of the HOME BUTTON.)
It is not a terribly difficult task but it does require removing almost everything from the phone (all held together with a multitude of tiny, different sized screws.) Refer to the photos and video if the instructions are not clear. Continue reading