Jelly Bean USB connection

Jelly Bean USB connection

Jelly Bean USB connection – If you have trouble “seeing” the files on your Android (Jelly Bean) device, this could be the simple solution that you are looking for.


  • In settings / developer options /  – set  “USB debugging”
  • Connect the USB cable
  • Check notifications – see … Continue reading

The Nexus 4 Phone Rules as King!

Got my Nexus 4 Phone from Google and it RULES! Absolutely the most intuitive and easy to use phone on the planet. I am hyped… I will have a review in a few days, but quickly: Turned on, signed in & it began downloading apps to match my N7’s setup – even changed the wallpaper to match. It auto-updated apps & was ready to use. I decided to give it to my wife. Switched SIM cards, added her gmail account, removed my sync settings, and in 5 minutes, it was HER phone! Blows away iPhone (any)!!!

Rooting Tips for Noobs

Rooting tips for Android: Android has some jargon “built in” that is a bit confusing when trying to customize your device. This short “rooting tips” guide may help to de-mystify things. This article explains terms like, noob, root, jailbreak, unlocking, flash, factory reset, wipe data, wipe cache, wipe battery stats, dirty flash, etc. Continue reading