Ooma Update

I continue to be AMAZED by this device! It is the ONLY wired phone service in my house now. It is merged with my GoogleVoice account & even my MagicJack is routed through this device. (Since I had already purchased a 5-yr service with MJ, I do not wish to waste that. So, I set it up to provide a local number in Arkansas and just FORWARD the calls to my Ooma number. I don’t even have the MJ device plugged up. It all works flawlessly! Continue reading

Ooma Better than MagicJack or Vonage

Free local & long distance phone service for life! Everything that I said in my original review of the Ooma Hub has proven to be accurate. The call quality is every bit as good (if not better) than the AT&T service. Customer Service is available at about the same quality & times as it was with AT&T. The physical construction of the device appears to be first quality. Even the packaging of the device was first rate! Continue reading