Jelly Bean USB connection

Jelly Bean USB connection

Jelly Bean USB connection – If you have trouble “seeing” the files on your Android (Jelly Bean) device, this could be the simple solution that you are looking for.


  • In settings / developer options /  – set  “USB debugging”
  • Connect the USB cable
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Good Report!

Good Report!

I saw my surgeon today and he said that my tumor was benign. I have been released to regular activities. Next step: Followup MRI in 6 months. My doctors did a great job but my GOD takes care of me. Thanks to all my friends who prayed. 




The Nexus 4 Phone Rules as King!

Got my Nexus 4 Phone from Google and it RULES! Absolutely the most intuitive and easy to use phone on the planet. I am hyped… I will have a review in a few days, but quickly: Turned on, signed in & it began downloading apps to match my N7’s setup – even changed the wallpaper to match. It auto-updated apps & was ready to use. I decided to give it to my wife. Switched SIM cards, added her gmail account, removed my sync settings, and in 5 minutes, it was HER phone! Blows away iPhone (any)!!!

Download NIV Bible FREE

Limited Time: Free NIV Download! To celebrate Zondervan Publishing’s all-new Once-A-Day reading plan — available now — Biblica, in cooperation with Zondervan, is offering the NIV (New International Version) to the entire YouVersion community for download in the Bible App beginning January 1.

When you download the NIV, that means you can read it anytime, anywhere—even when you don’t have an Internet connection or a network signal!  Make sure you download your offline copy of the NIV soon — it’s only available until January 21.

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Fantastic DAY!

Today was a FANTASTIC day for me!! I got a great report from my ENT doctor, made a great new friend, got a committment for a wonderful Christian interview and article — and did some male bonding with my newest “son” (son-in-law by legal definition).
Aron Jenevein took me for the ride of my life! Look for a YouTube video on “Recovery from Brain Surgery on a CAN-AM“. ONLY way to do REAL recovery (grin) …

Request for Prayer

Thanks for prayer: I am home (12/20/12) Doing pretty well. On (Dec 17th), I entered the North Oaks Hospital in Hammond, LA to undergo surgery to remove a tumor on my pituitary. Please keep me in your prayers. More here:

The move is completed

It took much longer than I had hoped but I finished the move at 1 AM this morning. The Bishop (and our parent is now running on our own server! Thanks to our loyal readers, the site outgrew the previous shared hosting. Let me know if you see anything broken.