NO ROOT – Install CM7 on Nook

This guide will show you how to convert your Nook Tablet into a true Android Tablet – without voiding the warranty! This will NOT modify the device or change the stock configuration in any way! Retains all stock functions & all B&N special services. Users can DUAL BOOT & switch between stock and CyanogenMod 7. We will use the Windows software. Links & Video included. Continue reading

Intro to Rooting & Modding Nook Tablet

Want to know what “rooting” is good for? How does it CHANGE my tablet? How do I “root” it? Is it worth it? What do I loose? In this and the associated articles, I will answer those questions. I also give a general review and comparison of the Nook Tablet to other tablets that I own. This is the first of a series of articles on the Nook Tablet. Other articles (see the list at the bottom of this article) address other, more specific issues of the Nook Review and suggestions for rooting and mod’ing the Nook Tablet. Compare the Nook Tablet to Kindle Fire, Nook Color, and other Android tablets. Links to videos & guides for rooting & installing ICS & other custom ROMs, doing backup/restore, fixing “bricked” units, etc. Continue reading

Ice Cream Sandwich on G-Tab

This is the NEW & UPDATED GUIDE for installing TeamDRS’ Android 4 (ICS) b.1.2 on the ViewSonic G-Tablet. It is a SIMPLIFIED guide for both Windows and Linux users and includes instructions for NVFlash, partitioning the SDCard, & flashing the ROM & Google Applications. The new version (b.1.2) has an automated install script and other new features. RECOMMENDED! Continue reading