GTab Tip of the Day

For owners of the ViewSonic G-Tablet: If you need to reset your GTab (when it appears to be locked up with either a black screen or during a display): Hold the power button AND the Volume + button for about a minute and the device will reset (and possibly enter CWM).

Sync to the Cloud

All your cloud-based Google data (GMail, Calendar, Music, Picasa, Docs/Drive, etc) is available on ALL your devices! It is called “sync” but data is NOT downloaded to each device. Music, photos, etc are streamed on demand. Visit SETTINGS/Accounts & Sync/ click on your Google acct & tick all boxes.

Play Store Tip #1

The Android Market is now called the “Play Store.” Press MENU to see “My Apps.” However, it only displays the apps INSTALLED on the device. To see the apps previously purchased or used on other devices, just SLIDE the list to the left.