Private Networks – Public Internet – What is the difference?

Private Networks – Public Internet – What is the difference?


In this series of articles, I have been developing a plan for a low-cost video surveillance system for your home. Private Networks - Public Internet Continue reading

Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are an extension of your personal identity on Facebook. They allow you to separate your personal identity from whatever focus the page has. The process of creating one may be intimidating but this article should make it easier. Generally, a person will publish a page on Facebook to focus on a particular area of interest. Such pages can link with an external blog for even greater benefit. Continue reading

Your Web Presence is Minutes Away

This article presents a quick outline of the steps to build a web presence that you can be proud of and that will be easy to maintain (NO HTML REQUIRED). You can change the theme (and the total “look”) of the site with just a few mouse clicks and the data/articles are unaffected! You can add “plug-ins” that extend and change the functionality -again- without affecting your data. Continue reading